A 30 years old French software engineer, located in Paris.

For the past 9 years or so, I’ve been part of the VideoLAN community, and have contributed to VLC & related projects.

My job previously led me to Estonia, where I was working for Skype, in the video team. I relocated in July 2014 to join a smaller company, Videolabs, that allows me to work on VideoLAN projects as a full time job, which is great!

I have done quite a bit on VLC lately. In no particular order, I appear to now be responsible for the UPnP stack, windows toolchains (And will manage Windows releases starting from 3.0 release, which is a cool but a bit scary responsability). I’m working a bit on the chromecast support, Qt interface, direct3d9 video output, …

While my interests codewise are mostly revolving around C++ (which is why I hope to be able to provide some nice articles about that here), I also write code in C, go, C#, among others, and I really should look into rust & D.

And for what it’s worth, I play bass in Cepheide

You can contact me through:

  • mail hugo /AT/ beauzee.fr
  • irc (irc.freenode.org, #videolan)
  • twitter: @beauzeh
  • IRL in Paris or maybe at a conference, somewhere!

Should you want to contact me securely, my GPG fingerprint is

9477 E0D3 1426 892D 2361 9994 DF84 80A4 E3CF 72EB

And I do realize it’s been displayed over a non-secure connection, but feel free to search for my name on the keyserver :)